How to choose your maternity linen pants

Pregnant women wears linen maternity pants

As summertime is rapidly approaching, it is time to look for a nice set of maternity linen pants. There is arguably no better garment that is both classy and comfy, plus tailored for warmer weather. Even though summer’s warmth can be very pleasant, some days are just scorching, so overheating is just off-limits for expecting mothers. However, when you are supported by a garment such as maternity linen pants, you can rest assured that no temperature fluctuations will mess with your day. This article is here to help you find the right set of pants for your liking with some helpful tips and examples meant to ease your search. 




Take a look at summer 2024 trends of linen maternity pants

Try out culottes

Culottes are a type of pants typically resembling the A-line silhouette (one that is found in A-line skirts), usually of knee-high length. This kind of pants design is not only perfect for a maternity linen skirt, but the same goes for maternity linen pants. It is especially flattering for any body type, a great garment to show off the pregnancy bump to the world. A pair of well-fitted maternity culottes won’t constrain your leg, hip, and abdomen area, but instead, considering they are made from linen material, will make you feel at ease.  

Women wears linen maternity pants
Women wears linen maternity pants


Everything flared

Flared pants have been the rage for quite some time, so is it a surprise that the same trend definitely works with linen maternity pants? This time what’s flared is not jeans material, but lovely linen, just a top choice for summer, for its thermoregulatory abilities.


Pregnant women demonstrate linen maternity pants
Women with maternity linen pants


Stripes and florals

Floral prints are in, and stripes have never left! Wearing a pair of maternity linen pants with a print is guaranteed to make your outfit or ensemble more interesting, and, if desired, can point right to your baby bump for that spotlight.


Women demonstrate linen maternity pants
Women wears linen maternity pants


High-waisted never goes out of style

Just like the A-line, a high-waist is something timeless and well-fitting for all body types. Wearing a high-waisted maternity linen pants ensemble can not only guarantee an elegant fit but a great and snuggly support around your belly area.


Women wears white linen maternity pants
white linen maternity pants




Functionality and fit of your pants

When you look for linen maternity pants, take into consideration not only your particular body type and style, but your day-to-day routine, and the specific point of your pregnancy with all its perks and struggles. For example, if you are still in the first trimester of your pregnancy, you may not be showing many visible bodily changes, even though you experience a myriad of symptoms. At this point, your regular linen pants should still fit you well. However, during your second trimester, your abdomen is guaranteed to expand, and continue to do so up to the third trimester. This is the time to purchase and wear those maternity linen pants, specifically tailored for pregnant bodies. 

Choosing pants is not as serious as choosing a career, but for a long time, this linen garment of your choice can become a reliable staple of your wardrobe. In other words, wearing the right maternity linen pants can make your life easier! So, for starters, think about what kind of day you lead, is it a busy day, requiring a lot of energy? Then you might enjoy a set of linen maternity pants with pockets to hold all sorts of things. Are you frequently switching between professional attire and casual? Why not something that can be both, linen maternity pants can do that. The secret is in their elegance, because of the fine linen material, then a classy design is added into the mix, such as palazzo or flared, and you have a pair of maternity linen pants that you can dress up or dress down depending on the various occasions. 


The more natural the material, the better

Wearing natural materials during your pregnancy is kind of a no-brainer, everyone wants the best for their bodies, and if mom-to-be feels great, so does her little one! Naturally, when you look for linen maternity pants, you automatically decide to wear the “star” of natural materials. And why is that? Well, linen is considered terrific in a multitude of areas, it's great with absorption, it's greatly breathable, has top-notch airflow, is very durable, and is easy to maintain. Now, not only during the pregnancy but especially when you are expecting, these are the qualities to look for. And further view of researchers only proves this point, because it is said that the ideal maternity wear should be stylish, comfortable, and adaptable. Your linen maternity pants would be stylish, there is no way around it with linen, they would be comfortable, because of all the great qualities that linen has, and they would adapt to your crucial bodily needs, like thermoregulation. 

Another point to make is the more natural the material, the better. Even natural linen has a variation of quality, so choosing a garment made of the best quality linen is an important decision. Daily Linen offers garments made from OEKO - TEX Standard 100 certified European linen fabric, a safe and great choice for your style and health!        


For the right fit, look into a specific tailoring

If you find that your size and measurements don't correspond with the ones that are offered for the linen maternity pants you want, consider bringing them to a tailor. You can easily choose to do that after you buy the pants in a physical shop, or after you receive ones that you ordered online. Some businesses even offer to do that for you. When you order a garment at Daily Linen there is an option for it to be tailored according to your specific needs and free of additional charge. It consists of things like adjustment of the sleeve length, customization of a desired neckline, adjustment of the waistband or an added belt, changed or taken out buttons and changed place or removal of a garment's pockets as well as adjustment of the whole length of any desired clothing piece. It is a great and valuable option for expecting mothers, because of dynamic bodily changes along with differing measurements.


Shop and order online

Nowadays you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home in order to buy any desired garment. You could find the linen maternity pants of your dreams online, scrolling one of the websites of various shops. However, the shopping arsenal is so vast, it is easy to get lost trying to find anything, even the very specific things. That is why we went out looking and found some terrific places, that specialize in maternity garments and offer greatly valued maternity linen pants, that are well-received and liked by other mothers-to-be! Some moms swore by linen maternity pants such as ones made by Abercrombie or Old Navy, namely because of the elastic band that goes great around the waist. Maternity linen pants that have an elastic band are quite easy to find at a place like Emmemama or Bumpsuit, which are all about maternity clothing specifically. 

We are confident that everyone can find the right linen maternity pants knowing some information beforehand, and we hope that these tips will help you in your journey of choosing the right garment.