What is a maternity dress and how to choose one?
There’s a question that is relevant for all expecting mothers - what is a maternity dress? Normally, a garment such as a dress can be simple and meant to be worn every day, casually, on workdays, special events, and leisure...
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Benefits of wearing linen maternity clothes
Comfortable and gorgeous clothing is a must for anyone, especially during such a wondrous time as pregnancy. What if there is a way to not only look good and feel comfortable, but know that your clothing is also completely hypoallergenic,...
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Why should you wear linen clothes?
Flax is a tall, straw-shaped fibrous plant with a stem up to 150 cm tall. Linen fabrics are strong and resistant to rotting. Most importantly, it is a completely organic product that does no harm to nature. Linen fabrics are...
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