Linen Maternity Clothes

    At Daily Linen we can tailor your garment’s sleeve length, customize a desired neckline, adjust the waistband or add a belt, change or take out the buttons and change the place of your garment's pockets or remove them. The length of your desired clothing piece can also be altered. That’s right, we tailor linen clothing according to your specific measurements, free of charge.

    A versatile, breathable, and durable material, such as linen, works fantastic for expecting mothers too! This collection comprises a variety of elegant designs, so there is a favorite dress, skirt, or shirt waiting to complement anyone’s taste. If you would like to know more about the garments we offer, and linen maternity clothes in general, check out the text below. 

    hanging linen maternity dresses

    Linen Maternity Dresses

    A linen maternity dress is like a centerpiece of maternity linen clothing. It is highly recommended to own at least one, because let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy the freedom of movement it gives and the elegance that goes with it. 

    As mentioned before, linen material is also highly breathable, and a garment such as a dress typically allows more airflow, than say other garments, like pants. This concludes that wearing a linen dress specifically, would logically bring forth even more breathability. 

    A good combo during pregnancy, when your body feels more unpleasant temperature swings and hot flashes. On top of all that, to triple that experience of freshness, you can also choose to wear a dress that has no sleeves, like a linen maternity dress BARBARA in amber yellow. This choice of design is especially recommended for summer. 

    However, if you really do like sleeves, and you still want to experience the flowy dream of wearing a maternity dress, consider choosing a dress with ¾ sleeves, a perfection for mellow summer with a little bit of breeze. Besides the designs, the color palette of these garments is also worth noting, because there is a huge variety of colors to choose from, from a pale sky blue to a vivid yellow.   

    Women wears linen maternity dress in raspberry color

    Blue Linen Maternity Dresses

    We love the color blue, it is as simple as that. Our dresses are born near the seaside and every single one is touched by the mighty and free spirit of the blue sea. On a more serious note, the color blue is one of the most versatile and used colors in the world. It was even named the most-liked color in the world. It’s only natural that many people find it lovely and enjoy wearing clothing of various shades of this noble color. Our collection has a great variety of blue linen maternity dresses made specifically for mothers-to-be who adore blue. You can read more about the color blue and our blue dresses here

    Women wears linen maternity dress close to sea

    Linen Maternity Shirts

    When choosing a linen maternity shirt there are three things that you should take into consideration:

    • Pregnancy stage

    • Comfort

    • Material

    Your pregnancy stage is a crucial point to consider before buying that shirt. It is important to thoroughly think about the correct size before buying a constructive garment such as a shirt. Especially if you are looking to buy before you reach the last trimester of pregnancy. That is because there is a possibility to accidentally buy a size that is too small for your changing figure. However, fret not, because you can always choose a more loose-fitting shirt, and it will flow like magic no matter the pregnancy stage.

    Comfort is another high-priority quality for a linen maternity shirt. Pregnancy is not a simple walk in the park, so optimizing your comfort with the clothing you wear is a great goal. That is why choosing a style that lets you experience movements at ease, at any time, should be a given. To get that, look for oversized shirts or shirts that sport flowy longer sleeves. 

    Lastly, the material should be of great quality. By that, we mean not only comfortable but also breathable and natural, if possible. For that to happen, we do recommend choosing a natural material, such as linen. Linen is a hypoallergenic material that makes it perfect for any sensitivities, especially, during pregnancy time, that guarantees no skin irritation. On top of that, linen is also one of the most breathable materials there are.

    These three things bode well when choosing linen maternity shirts.The oversized shirt-dress NINA is our top choice for a linen maternity shirt. It rocks with all body types, it is made of natural linen material, and comes in many colours. If you want to read more about our linen maternity shirts, click here.

    Model wears linen maternity shirt

    Linen Maternity Skirts

    A linen maternity skirt can be a great way to liven your typical outfits. Especially because it has so many different styles. You can choose a maxi or mini skirt, a pleated or high waist skirt, the list could be endless. Again, when choosing it is easiest to go with your gut and personal style, but also keep your body type in mind. 

    A bodycon tube skirt is great when you want to show off your baby bump, but it might not always be the comfiest and most flattering choice. One type of skirt that is surprisingly flattering for all body types is the A-line skirt. It goes well with narrow hips and wide hips alike. It is also a very roomy design for your baby bump, so your elegance truly goes hand in hand with comfort. Our A-line linen maternity skirts CAPRI and MIDI are just the skirts you have been looking for! CAPRI is a pleated midi-length skirt with buttons and front pockets, and MIDI is a longer skirt with roomy pockets. Take a look at all our maternity linen skirts.

    Model wears linen maternity skirt in beach

    Maternity linen shorts

    Linen maternity shorts are a great addition to your maternity closet. They are more elegant than denim shorts, and way more loose-fitting for your maternity needs. They can be worn casually, as an everyday item, and become a staple in your wardrobe, as well as they can also be styled for more sophisticated outings. What is interesting is that different shorts might flatter different body types. This is because we all have different torso lengths and different lengths of legs, and that stays true even during the pregnancy. It’s quite easy to measure your torso proportions by yourself, and it’s even easier to empirically see the length of your legs. Knowing your proportions might help you to create more balanced outfits. For example, If you have a shorter torso and longer legs, that might mean you will feel better and look more balanced with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Linen shorts, such as these will not only let you feel flattering but will help you feel roomy and comfortable, leaving enough space for the baby bump. 

    Maternity linen pants

    Maternity linen pants are a classy type of pants tailored for expecting mothers and used during warmer weather. Besides being stylish and chic, linen maternity pants will let your breath at ease knowing that you are wearing a natural material. When choosing maternity linen trousers, opt for a well-fitting design. The ideal linen pants should not constrain your movement or your belly area, so if the belt area is already set, choose your size well. Look for pants designed to fit in your baby bump, or maternity linen trousers that have a stretchy waist. Pants like these will let you move freely, and as a bonus, will help you thermoregulate, because of the linen material they are made of. Long gone are the scorching summer’s days at the office and getting cold from sitting too long on your favorite armchair. Now you can feel snug and polished! 

    Linen maternity jumpsuit

    A linen maternity jumpsuit can be your fashion statement and simultaneously, a comfortable pregnancy attire. When you choose a linen maternity jumpsuit, opt for a loose-fitting style, instead of snuggly and tight. This way your garment is not only flowy and stylish, but can be easily worn during the whole duration of your pregnancy. An additional fashionable and useful design feature of a good maternity linen jumpsuit is pockets. This is a practical design choice to give more flexibility for the wearer to contain more things in their hands (and pockets). So even after your pregnancy is over, you can still wear your linen maternity jumpsuit and continue using the pockets to hold essentials for your little one! What started as a humble garment for workers (a presumable cause for the tool-holding pockets to emerge) grew into a great fashion discovery.