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    Top picks for a blue linen maternity dress

    If you have a preference for the color blue and all of its loveliest shades, reminiscent of ocean or fluffy skies, look no further than our blue maternity dress collection. Discover our favorites, carefully crafted from beautiful and natural linen material. Choose from various blue maternity dress options for a range of occasions, from a workday to a baby shower party. If you’d like to learn more about each model of the dress and the most popular shades of color blue for your liking, find the information below.

    blue linen maternity dress

    >Shades of blue: what is what?

    Nowadays the color blue is widely used and usually associated with royalty, art, military, business, and nature. Being so versatile, it has numerous definitions of shades and tones varying from light to dark. The history of the color blue suggests that it was once regarded as the most expensive and important color in ancient times. For Egyptians, the precious stones lapis and turquoise were the basis for the invention of a synthetic blue pigment (a rarity in nature) for various decoration purposes. In the European Middle Ages, the dye was made from woad, a flowering plant from the Mediterranean. Nonetheless, the dye was very expensive to make, so it was used by noblemen and wealthy individuals. In the Renaissance, blue pigment ultramarine was used in the fine arts of painting. 

    Today people get to enjoy a variety of mostly synthetic blue hues. Some of the most popular shades of blue are navy blue, royal blue, baby blue, light blue, dusty blue, and midnight blue. When it comes to choosing a garment or a set of furniture, people can get easily lost in the vastness of blue hues. It’s important to know some basic differences between the most popular hues of blue. 

    Light blue vs. Baby blue

    Light blue is a shade of blue that is pale. Baby blue is also pale, so what is the difference between them? Well, light blue is a generalized name for a “family” of different shades of lighter blue. Light blue encompasses colors such as baby blue, powder blue, celeste, and more. The baby blue shade is one of the most popular there are. The name of the shade comes from a color traditionally used to paint a newborn boy’s room and a newborn boy’s clothes. It’s a pastel color of timeless and delicate hue, considered a trendy alternative color this year.

    Navy blue vs Midnight blue

    Navy blue first appeared as a uniform color for the British Royal Navy in 1748. From back then it traveled a long way and became one of the most popular blue shades there are. Navy blue pairs with tinges of greens, oranges, reds, yellows, and purples. Midnight blue is a very dark shade of blue, under certain lighting conditions even resembling black. Usually mistaken for navy blue, it is considerably darker than it, as navy blue is of lighter hue.

    Navy blue vs Royal blue

    Royal blue got its name from a hue created for a competition to make a dress for Queen Charlotte (1744—1818) of England and was first mentioned around 1810-1820. Royal blue is brighter and more vivid than navy blue, the latter being more deep and moody. Royal blue is used to express and induce feelings of tranquility, whereas navy blue is more serious and professional. 

    Blue floral maternity dress for a baby shower 

    Floral trends are back! And this time it’s about artistic floral print and a different angle, that includes 3D flowery ornamentation. When attending your baby shower party, you could go either way and choose a cozy and blue floral collared dress that involves a more traditional outlook but pertains to the idea of abstract floral designs, or try out that crazy new different angle wearing a maternity dress with 3D floral embellishment on a crop top.

    Blue maternity dress for a maternity photoshoot

    A maternity photoshoot is an intimate event for each person. There are different trends year-round, however, some trends may depend on the season of the photoshoot. If your pregnancy photoshoot falls between spring and summer, when the weather is already fine, you could opt for a photoshoot outside, in nature, with emphasis on that natural bohemian vibe (a blue floral maternity dress that you got for your baby shower could make a comeback!), or even in the water. Yes, you read that right, a photoshoot in water, outside, or inside the studio is an option that could become a 2024 trend. And for such an occasion a trendy royal blue maternity dress might be a perfect option since this particular shade of blue is trending for spring and summer of the same year. 

    Royal blue maternity dress for a windy day

    This cozy royal blue maternity dress is made to fit snuggly but at the same time is loose-fitting. All this for your comfort while retaining elegance. The blue color is calming and relaxing wherever you walk and ¾ sleeves are perfect for a colder, windier day outside, protecting from cold sways of air. The vivid but relaxing hue of the BARBARA linen maternity dress is what will lift your spirit and cheer up those around you!

    women wears blue linen maternity dress

    Light blue maternity dress for summer’s heat

    Soft and feminine, this garment looks like a bright summer sky and feels like a cloud. The pastels are undoubtedly in for summer, so if you are a fan of eye-soothing baby blue tones, take a closer look at the BARBARA dress for pregnant women in sky blue, created to flatter and radiate grace. The aesthetic maternity dress is sleeveless and this design makes the dress wonderful for hot weather. Besides, the paleness of the garment’s color will also reflect a good amount of heat generated by sunlight!

    women with blue linen maternity dress

    Dusty blue maternity dress for vacation

    There’s always a time for vacation but most of us choose springtime and summer. It’s no surprise since those are the seasons of warmth, greenery, and a lot of sunlight. For a perfect holiday time, you need a perfect linen dress. This is the BARBARA linen maternity dress in dusty blue with a grey tone, and ¾ sleeves - an elegant choice. You can also pair it with a cute linen bucket hat, creating a whole vacation outfit.

    blue linen maternity dress women wears

    Navy blue maternity dress for everyday

    Wear blue every day, why not? With lots of shades, there is no limit! Take a look at a deeper-colored navy blue maternity dress -BARBARA. Sleeveless linen garment for a warm season but darker-hued blue for a more sophisticated and formal look. For a workday as well as an elegant evening out!

    blue linen maternity dress standing on sands

    Find your favorite linen and blue maternity dress amongst the others! Stay cozy and beautiful wearing natural and timeless linen.