6 Things to know before buying organic maternity clothes

organic maternity clothes pregnant women

There comes a time when every expecting mom will start noticing the changes in her body due to the beauty of pregnancy. Such a wonderful transformation can be an inspiring opportunity to transform your closet with new environmentally certified or organic maternity clothes. However, choosing maternal clothing can become a real challenge. Finding the right material for your garment, thinking about what exact designs to choose, and what sizes would you need. The list goes on and on, and you could easily spend many hours in futile search of something that might not even check all of your boxes. This is why we would like to share our insight on something so simple yet so necessary. We will go over reasons why you should look into investing in organic or environmentally certified materials, like linen. Also, when to start looking for linen maternity clothes, how to determine the size of your garment, what kind of styles are the comfiest & prettiest, why building a capsule wardrobe is the most efficient choice you could make, and, lastly, should you go for linen or cotton maternity clothes. Here are six things to know before buying your first organic maternity clothes. 

1. Look for organic or environmentally certified materials

Firstly, why environmentally certified or organic maternity clothes? When choosing an organic article, you also choose a material that it has been made of. Organic fabrics are made from fibers grown in a territory with no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or toxic chemicals, without harm to the environment or workers. If you look for environmentally certified materials that are best for human health, look for textiles tested for harmful substances. This way you will know that the garment you wear is absolutely safe for your body. For example, take a look at Daily Linen’s linen maternity dress collection. Every inch of our dresses are made from OEKO - TEX Standard 100 certified European linen fabric, a guarantee of textile without harmful substances. 

linen maternity dress in natural color with necklace

2. When to start looking for linen maternity clothes?

Every human body is different, therefore, some women might start to show those pregnancy bumps earlier than others. Nevertheless, we would recommend waiting and seeing how you feel, before investing in a new pair of maternity linen pants or a blouse. Sometimes bodily changes come rapidly and you already can’t fit into those lovely new pants you just got. Likewise, sometimes changes are slow and you can use your favorite set of garments for a while, without having to spend too much money beforehand. It is all about convenience and sustainable options. For example, your free-flowing blouses may fit you well enough long into pregnancy, but new pants may come in handy when you start to notice certain difficulties, like having to constantly unbutton your regular pants, or experiencing tightness of your garment material.

3. Know your size

Getting to know your size (regular or new) is a game changer because of a better ability to choose the right attire. Maternity size charts vary by retailer, some companies have special charts tailored for expecting mothers. However, the easiest way is to just measure your bust size and around your hips, just under your bump, and then use those dimensions for a desirable item. According to BabyCenter, you could also opt to try an article out before buying, as some stores may allow you to return the garment that didn’t fit, for a different size. Another option to get to know your size is renting a garment out! This way you get to experience a particular size or style before deciding what to buy and can make sure that you got it right.

4. A comfy and elegant silhouette goes a long way 

When trying to find a perfect piece of clothing, we often look at the particular styles of garments and our body types and shapes. The same thing works with maternity clothes, like, for example, maternity linen pants. The best thing you could do is choose an elegant and lightweight pair of pants, made from a material that is breathable and would cool you down when the temperature is hot, as well as retain the heat when it's colder. A pair of functional and pretty maternity linen pants for any body type wins in any case. 

Women wears linen maternity dress in grey color

5. Use less and create more: your maternity capsule wardrobe

Sometimes, having less clothing is more. It is all about convenience and sustainability. When building a maternity capsule wardrobe from scratch, you will need to find some key pieces of clothing. The key garments are:
  • Maternity pants/leggings
  • Maternity bras
  • Maternity blouses
  • Maternity dress
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Comfortable jacket

Though jackets and shoes are items of clothing that do not necessarily have to be labeled for maternity, pants, lingerie (like bras), blouses, and dresses tailored specifically for maternity, are very important. 
The good thing is that by having just a few of those articles, you can build your personal maternity capsule wardrobe, full of beautiful outfits. For example, just by having a relaxing pair of maternity linen pants and pairing them with your regular loose-fitted blouse, or two of different colored maternity linen blouses you already have three different outfits. It’s important to work with your preferred color palettes and styles and your capsule wardrobe will be built in no time! 

6. Choosing between linen and cotton maternity clothes, what’s the difference? 

Linen and cotton are both natural and environmentally friendly. Cotton maternity clothes have some conveniences, like more elasticity than linen and also being less expensive. However, linen has the upper hand in areas, like durability, absorbance, and breathability. Durability means that your linen maternity clothes would last longer than their cotton counterparts, thanks to linen being the world's strongest natural fabric. Linen also has quicker absorbance than cotton, because of how porous it is, as well as superb breathability. These qualities are perfect for an expecting mother’s bodily temperature changes, as well as higher perspiration, both are common during pregnancy.

In conclusion, making a decision to wear maternity clothes made of sustainable, organic, and fashionable material, such as linen, is something that your body will thank you for. Whatever comfy and beautiful garment you will choose, we are sure that it will make you look and feel radiant! With these 6 tips at your disposal, finding and selecting quality linen clothing should be easier and full of inspiration!