Styles to look for when choosing a sleeveless maternity dress

pregnant women walking on sands

If you are looking for your ideal maternity dress for warmer & hotter months of the year, choose a sleeveless maternity dress! They come in different styles, colors, and materials but are “united” by the lack of sleeves. This design feat is simple yet crucial, especially if it’s scorching outside, or if you want to show off your gorgeous arms and shoulder line. A recipe for a good sleeveless maternity dress is simple - it should be made from a quality material and look great on you! So take a look at the must-have style choices for a sleeveless maternity dress.  


The fabric of your sleeveless maternity dress 

 As mentioned before, the fabric of your sleeveless maternity dress is just as important as the style. Both should encompass comfort and beauty simultaneously. Do you feel like you need a stretchy garment, one that would give you peace of mind thinking about any possible bodily changes? Then look into jersey material. This fabric can be made from several fibers like cotton, viscose, modal, polyester, wool, and bamboo. Our take is to always go with the most natural option. Do you also wonder about the fabric’s breathability and thermoregulation? It’s a known fact, that natural materials win the prize in the area of breathability (something so important during pregnancy), but the winner over them all is the fabric of linen. We love linen and we love spreading the word about the wonders of this material. Used for all kinds of garments, it’s especially great for maternity dresses, and you can read more about the benefits here 

Versatile pink - a pink sleeveless maternity dress for formal and informal events 

Do you love pink just like us? It’s such a pretty and joyful color. It is known to symbolize tranquility, warmth, femininity, and playfulness. Quite recently, just last summer, pink rose to trend with the arrival of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie”. Some like pink, some hate it, and some reclaim it, erasing the stereotypical notion about this color and instead associating it with the celebration of life and femininity. Color pink comes in different shades, so it’s a given that some pink garments might look better than others on you. For example, pink clothing on the paler side would look better on fairer skin tones, and brighter pinks would look better on darker skin tones. Pink dresses can also be worn in formal as well as informal situations. A charming and elegant pink color like the one in the sleeveless linen maternity dress BARBARA in dusty rose could be paired with a more neutral color (like white or black) and then be worn during a leisure time meeting with friends or as a stylish office meeting look.  

women wears sleeveless maternity dress

From a beach to an anniversary party - maternity sleeveless maxi dress 

 Maxi dresses are gorgeous on all occasions. We really mean it, almost no other style can encompass a holiday beach stroll vibe and a Sunday afternoon anniversary party spirit as good as a maxi dress. A beach maternity sleeveless maxi dress should be made out of comfortable, higher-quality material such as jersey cotton, keeping its shape throughout the day, or one made from highly absorbent linen. On the other hand, if you are choosing a maxi dress for a formal event, the materials of your sleeveless maxi dress could encompass luxurious satin, chiffon, or silk. It is also important to know the dress code and wear appropriate hues. If you are all about the color of your sleeveless maternity maxi dress, you can take a look at our guiding tips about colors when choosing a linen maternity dress 

women wears linen sleeveless maternity dress women wears sleeveless maternity dress

For a date try a maternity sleeveless bodycon dress 

Jersey bodycon dresses are known for their ability to support and “hug” the body and allow a great amount of stretchiness. A sleeveless bodycon dress design for maternity is perfect for special occasions, such as a date night with your significant other, as its sleek and elegant design is a very flattering way to show off the baby bump and curves of the silhouette.  

women wears sleeveless maternity dress

Sleeveless floral maternity dress for a summer birthday party 

Find a sustainable floral maternity dress, because sustainability never goes out of style! Bonus points if the dress is extra flowy, because this is also in style, at least this year. Floral print (and many more print styles) is all the rage this upcoming summer, so why not dress yourself in a flowery sleeveless maternity dress for a day full of birthday blooms? 

a girl wears sleeveless maternity dress

Black & white: must-have colors for a classic take on a sleeveless dress 

We have all heard about the little black dress. It's known as an epitome of elegance, created by Coco Chanel. Since then, the design of a little black dress changed, and there are many variations of this type of dress. And undoubtedly, there is a variation for maternity wear - a little black sleeveless maternity dress. Another standard for summer elegance is a white dress. One you could wear during the sun-soaked days, beach walks, and through all the occasions that summertime contains. White sleeveless maternity dress could become your best friend for the summer, and maybe even one of your most cherished garments, if you decide to have a summertime wedding.  

women wears sleeveless maternity dress in black color women wears sleeveless maternity dress in white color

Our favorite sleeveless maternity sundress 

 Sleeveless maternity dress BARBARA comes in many different colors and moods, just choose the one that reflects you! The loose-fitting and elegant shape of the linen maternity dress ensures your comfort and well-being while enhancing your natural beauty. No sleeves mean more fun and ease during the warmer or hotter days. A higher waist above the belly will give you a defined look without being constrictive. The dress is made of OEKO - TEX Standard 100 certified European linen fabric and is tinted with gorgeous pastel hues or striking deeper tones of blues, reds, and yellows. You can find yourself in a tan maternity dress or a cheerful mustard-orange one. Variety of colors for diverse and sophisticated tastes.  

women wears sleeveless maternity dress in amber yellow color