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Choosing a linen maternity dress. What is the meaning of colors?

Have you ever heard about color theory? It’s a popular concept studying how different colors work together and correlate with emotions. The premise of this is simple, the colors we use in our clothing, furniture, etc., impact our moods. As a result, knowing the meaning of a color can impact our surroundings and the energy we send off to the world. That is always important but especially uplifting to know during your pregnancy. A good linen maternity dress should reflect you, not the other way around. You are looking for a garment according to your aesthetic and comfort needs but it can be so much more than that. It can convey your message to the world, support your feelings, and enlighten the whole room. There is a way to choose your color and see the material up close even before buying the dress. This way you can take your time, study the color theory, and make a fully considerate decision before landing your springtime dress of dreams!

Dress to impress (yourself) 

The Linen Maternity Dress BARBARA in Grey is what dreams are made of. From the elegant silhouette to its ¾ sleeves, this piece of clothing is created to last and enchant on every occasion. The dress has lovely round buttons on the chest and is knee-length. Meant to be adored and intended to look beautiful on all body types. The gentle blue-ish grey of this gorgeous garment emphasizes sophistication, so you can rest assured of feeling (and looking) your best self, whether attending a formal event or a relaxing outing.

Peaceful day in your favorite dress

The color of this adorable linen dress radiates simplicity. Its beauty reminds us of sandy natural shores and the woods of pine trees. Linen maternity dress BARBARA in natural is a perfect dress for a delightful nature walk with your loved ones, savoring the time for yourself. The natural beige/tan color symbolizes a safe and neutral choice, it’s warm hues relax and bring peace instead of overstimulation. 

Anti-stress in a blue dress 

Blue like the ocean or cloudless skies in springtime, the linen maternity dress BARBARA in blue invites you to wander and embrace peace. A fantastic choice for a mellow morning or a casual outing, this garment is soft like a cloud, making you feel as beautiful as comfy. The blue color is widely known as a tone of peacefulness but it also means wisdom and hope, making it an ideal choice for the sweet and bright pregnancy time. Some say that blue also helps fight stress, one of the most common modern life conditions. 

Perfect date dress 

Our last but not least option for warm spring days and evenings is a linen maternity dress BARBARA in raspberry color. The intensity of the hue marks this linen maternity dress as an ideal attire for romantic and picturesque moments, bringing out all the best emotions. The shade of red is all about passion, excitement, and boldness, all of the greatest components for your personal celebration of love.